Funding world-changing technologies through global connections.


Providing opportunities for investment and a chance to improve daily lives for millions.

We believe in…

Loving what we do.

Building long-lasting relationships.

Being driven, direct and ambitious.

Imagination, innovation and ingenuity.

Rolling up our sleeves and getting things done.

Being discreet: results speak for themselves.

Why the world is a better place with Licas

To turn capital into commercial success – and to fulfill the life-changing potential of technology – connections have to be made first. Investors need opportunities, technologists need capital, projects need expert management and direction – and these connections need to be forged across cultural boundaries in order to deliver true technological progress on a global scale.

Licas exists to make those connections happen. Our extensive, trusted network enables our customers to collaborate with the right people in the right sectors in the right countries – regardless of cultural borders. Our roots are proudly Swiss, but our diverse, multi-disciplinary team is spread around the world and our horizons are truly global. Let us help you make the connections you need, and let us make technology more accessible to the world.

What we can do for you

We are an investment banking and advisory firm offering expertise and resources to accelerate bold initiatives. We connect inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, researchers, industry experts, government officials and others in enabling technology eco-systems.

We understand what it takes to build a business. We respect the entrepreneurs and the equity building creation process. We have built trusted relationships around the world that can connect capital with the resources required to achieve objectives, fulfill ambitions and change lives.

Who we are

With diverse backgrounds we are able to see the world from different angles and bring multi-disciplinary skills to each project. We are a tight international team committed to building a more sustainable and socially conscious future.


Christophe Lienhard

Managing Partner

Lars Erik Hogh

Senior Advisor

Yusuke Kanda

Senior Advisor

Robert Tibbs

Senior Advisor


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c/o MISC Ltd Baarerstrasse 75
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c/o MISC Ltd Baarerstrasse 75
6300 Zug Switzerland